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A web-based writing company, which serves students and those seeking academic writings all around the world, Writingbee is the team of expert writers who promise you top-quality essays, term papers and whatever else you would desire. Want them immediately? 48-hour orders are at your disposal. Want some specific writer or researcher? A writer selection option is available for you. Find your final delivery poor? Receive your money back in full. To add even a greater value, they offer 100% paper originality and, therefore, no copy-paste practice, as well as user privacy and fully secured payments, to name a few.

Of course, we could not pass by them and concluded to write a short but meaningful writingbee review, which would cover the crucial aspects so strongly sought-for by the students looking for both safe and affordable academic papers.

After long-lasting but quite pleasant telephone negotiation with an operator boy, which followed our easy-to-make online order, we made up our mind on an undergraduate term paper in Information Technology. We targeted to find out how proficient they are in such cutting-edge and ever-upgrading disciplines and how affordable this paper level is for an average student.

It is reasonable to mention in our writingbee review that the company`s website looks simple, but it is convenient enough to make orders: you have all the necessary fields to fill in the online order form like number of pages and spacing, paper standard and quality, number of sources, type of English (US, UK or other) and, of course, deadlines. This helps escaping all those tiresome phone talks and providing loads of instructions (there is a special field for them also, by the way).

Certainly that our writingbee review will not be complete if omit the money issue – or, to be more precise, the rates and discounts (if any). When it comes to our undergraduate paper – the cheapest type on the list – we found it well over the average market rates for the equivalent study writings across the world. Of course, you get curious about the overall rates – and no good news again: the average price for the company`s services is big enough to call it affordable.

Now, it is time to talk about the delivery terms in our writingbee review: they are reasonable, even though the revision timings are likely to drag. Our writing was completed and emailed well on time, which pleased us. However, there was a surprise waiting for us: we were provided with the wrong paper! And, probably, the true owner of that paper was receiving ours at that very moment. We contacted the company immediately, and the embarrassment was tackled in next to no time.

Meanwhile, we managed to assess the quality of the unknown paper, and it was very good, to our knowledge.

Our writing was also a good one, based on exclusive research and summarized properly. We noted full compliance with the requirements we had provided, even though the proofreading could have been better.

Unfortunately, we could not estimate the user privacy, as we had too little such experience with this company. Still, the security of payments and 100% singularity of the paper content were proved by us in the field.

As a conclusion, this company is good enough to address, but it can hardly be called unique against the background of other study writing companies online.


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