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You can happen upon Ultius.com when in search of the much-in-demand student services like essay writing, proofreading or paper customization. The range of services offered by the company is wide, and the educational subjects are encompassed in their majority. The team of experts is said to be very strong in combating any levels of intricacy for any academic degrees. The very writers are reported to be all degreed, from Master`s to PhD, with the respective quality of student papers delivered by each of them in his or her narrow competence area. The latter allows the company to hold the leading positions in terms of providing exclusive writings not guided by a single outline.

Still, we are meticulous and never take it on trust. In this Ultius.com review, we concentrated on the quality and swiftness the company`s writers could provide in practice. Our choice was a thesis based on our detailed instructions supposedly given by the teacher. The paper was not big-size, but it needed a closer look at the insight. We asked for a native UK English writer and were assured by the manager that our performer would make it in fluent British, with full observance of the local standards.

We received the writing a couple of hours earlier, but there was something technically wrong, and the format proved beaten. They apologized and called it back to make corrections, which took an hour or so.

The very quality Ultius delivered was satisfactory. We did find the paper to be made in true UK English, and it was certain that our writer was a UK native or at least very close to it. We were especially careful with the research sections, and unfortunately, those could not be estimated superior. The research was superficial, much like the researcher being either in a hurry or not too deep in the topic. Or both are possible.

Some inconsistency with our instructions was also detected, which but was immediately put into improvement by the company after the kind and straightway agreement of its performers to include our missed instructions in the text in course of an additional revision.

The revision took considerable time, and, to our regret, the final version was still far from being excellent, even though positive changes certainly took place (which means their revisions do good).

Of course, we cannot omit the issue of plagiarism in the Ultius.com review – and here, we must say we have not detected any. We liked the overall style the paper was performed, and the academic standards indicative of most British colleges were observed, following the expert opinions.

As regards prices, they vary depending on a service as well as timing, complexity and a list of factors. Still, we can say that the prices are average, or maybe slightly over-average. At any rate, the company`s services seem to be affordable to quite a few students.

As a final word, this writing company has its benefits to offer. However, it also has its weak points, which need to be amended continuously. It is good enough to try, but there are other writing services that offer similar benefits and even more.


  • Jennifer says:

    On my first order, I was awarded a one-off 20% discount. There was something like a special deal, I think. Whatever, I like when the management take care of their potential customers.

  • Mandy says:

    They were late with my essay, and I had to retake.

  • Irene says:

    My essays were all made in good UK English, and I appreciate it. Although, I didn`t like the formatting – it looked wretched.

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