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Average, a widely held academic writing service, is particularly interesting for the trust my paper review because of its reported 100% satisfaction rate. It is always curious to meet the business enjoying the absolute customer approval.

Definitely that we can never leave such considerable achievements beyond our attention and do our best to examine the service staff.

If describe this service provider, one should mention that their team is big enough to cater for a significant number of users. Their writers said to be experienced professionals in narrow writing niches perform various sorts of academic works like essay writing, admission papers, resume assistance, copywriting, rewriting and proofreading. With their prices big enough, they render a humble number of services for free like title and reference pages, plagiarism check, formatting and so much appreciated unlimited revisions. Their staff is promised to be attentive and very helpful, whatever your question or concern. And yes, they undertake to give your money back if you happen to dislike the deliverable.

With this flawless picture borne in mind, we negotiated with the service operator to have an admission letter. Our target was to rely in our trust my paper review on the proof or disillusion that the service can really satisfy us hundred-per-cent.
However, the admission letter, though completed on schedule and formatted well and charge-free as promised, was far from excellent. It lacked some evidently critical issues aimed to speak in favor of the student. Our common opinion was that the chance to pass the college admission, had it been true-to-life, would be poor.

Certainly that we could not come by the round-the-clock availability option in our trust my paper review. With a view to try out the 24/7/365 operation mode claimed for their customer support department, we contacted them via a feedback form on their website, but ended up waiting for their reply during a couple of days. Given this, we cannot rate their customer help very high, even though the operator accepting our order was courteous.

Still, to be fair and unbiased, we have to admit that the service has many things that appeal to the existing and potential customers, which fact we cannot ignore in our independent trust my paper review. They really give the money back, unless you are satisfied with the revision they provided for your paper (for free). Their writings pass the third-party plagiarism tests successfully, and the customers are kept safe and run no risks of being publicly unveiled, which holds them harmless against any fraud charges. The service website is useful and easy to operate when you need either to choose, or buy, or pay for the order.

Nevertheless, it looks like the staff works slipshod, with the writings to be completed only partially. You have no feeling that you are a precious customer when contacting (or at least trying to contact) the service team. If say our last word, it is definitely not a 100% satisfaction rate. This provider is not discouraged from, but there are many other services that find themselves on a similar market scale.

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  • Terry says:

    I`m among those scared to death by new job opportunities, and I`m always nervous about my CVs – what if they disclose something unwelcome, and this will possibly put an end to my future career. Because of this, I order my CV and any job-related stuff from trustmypaper. Yes, they have their weak points, and I can`t really say their prices are okay for me. But what I get for my pay is a good value, and I like it.

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