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Why we decided on writing this review is because speedy essay is on everyone`s lips as a UK-based writing service that caters for a wide range of student paperworks and manages to deliver them timely and knowledgeably. Naturally, we could not turn back on them and take their alleged benefits for granted. So, we ordered a writing out of their truly extensive list offering essays, term papers, research works, dissertations, lab reports, articles and more in a variety of popular subjects like Chemistry, Accounting, Finance, Computer Science, Sociology, Law or Marketing, – we found ourselves at a loss, but ended up with a classical English essay.

We were awarded a 15% discount, which was a very positive start, indeed. The process of order purchase and the website navigation itself are fairly comfortable, and you don`t get side-tracked as with many service providing websites. Still, the payment system could have been safer, as it seemed slightly simple, and we noticed no system security sign.

Our English essay, for the speedy essay review purposes, was pretended to be urgent, and we specifically accentuated the professor`s remarkably nasty temper, which explicitly meant the paperwork had to be immaculate. Our clear requirement was native UK English with no mercy, and, of course, we strongly wished to keep anonymous.

Even though the essay was far from being bulky, they did manage to deliver late – the excuse was a sudden change of a writer. The delay was a couple of hours, but we explicitly stressed the urgency – and, in point of fact, they sold us short.

Since it is not that best to swap horses when crossing streams, we expected kind of messy content. However, the paper met our expectations as far as the topic was concerned: the speedy essay experts made very smart research and supported it with strong evidence, and the language was true British. It happened that the interior was better than the exterior: we found the formatting a complete fail suggesting that be we true-to-life students, the essay would need extra time of ours to be adjusted for the conservative UK formats. Meanwhile, proper formatting and proofreading are included in the fees, and so they are provided for by default.

As for anonymity, we enjoyed it to the fullest. We have to admit that this is one of the strongest pros of the service, and the company strictly observes the user anonymity principle.

Yet another aspect that made us smile positively was 100% authenticity of our essay. We checked the writing for plagiarism as soon as we received it, and the check was negative. The “no-plagiarism” feature is a significant perk speaking in favor of the service.

To sum up our speedy essay review, we have to speak positively about the general service support, which is likely to be available twenty-four hours, as well as the authentic content and a variety of subjects to choose. However, the team seems to be messy, which results in failures and delays.

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  • Jennie says:

    Last year, they made a specific book review for me, and they were well on time, with the quality satisfactory enough. I did pass my test, and there was nothing about disclosing the fact I contacted them for assistance. Nevertheless, what I didn`t like was the feedback – it was poor, and I never felt safe and secure. You know, when you hesitate and cannot sleep at night wondering if they deliver or not. You know, I would like to say that if you offer a 24/7 feedback, then I`m pretty sure I`m eligible for it for the fees I pay.

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