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We chose to test RushEssay because of its wide popularity in the global on-line writing market. Users outsource its services in a variety of areas like essay writing, research study, report preparation, proofreading, format adherence, academic standard adjustment, scholarship and admission services, CVs, presentations and other. In view of their multifaceted operations, we were wondering about the quality they deliver in each particular area they serve.

It should be mentioned that is an on-line service held in high regard for its multiple-level writings, which aim to cater for very different schools globally. It is popular for its native English writers who are in a position to write for the English-speaking students in whatever country. They speak high of their allegedly custom-written papers, which means they evade from following universal templates in their business. Besides, they ensure a free revision should you need this.

With the above in mind, we targeted to test this on-line service for promptness and adaptability to make each paper customized, as well as the quality of the allegedly native English and the way the writers apply it in academic writing. We also found it appropriate to test them for their flexible discount policy, along with the allegedly affordable service fees (the latter actually argued by quite a few).

To write a review, we ultimately decided on an ordinary essay twenty pages long, of which we informed our potential outsourcer via its website application form.

We got the feedback relatively fast, although not immediately as they promise on their website. After a short order discussion, our essay was taken for processing and further submitting to our writer. We asked to self-select the writer but were denied as they don`t provide for such option, which is to regret.

Our essay was ready on the due date, but later it was called back by the writer ā€“ to include the necessary amendments he said he found critical. Since the paper was delivered timely, and the subsequent amendments were incorporated within a very short period, we still cannot come to a single opinion on whether to consider their timely delivery in or out of place.

Their English proved to be native, as tested afterwards by the true linguistic experts at our request, and it was very well appropriate for the purposes of this RushEssay review. Our essay was likely to be tailored for our specific needs and did not look like the one to be based on some universal pattern.

We appreciated the number of pages to be just as we asked ā€“ twenty, and not a page more or fewer. Still, the service fees turned to be really over the average. Moreover, we could not enjoy any discounts, and thus we cannot provide for a sound discount policy review.

We must note in the review that this on-line service is large-scale and caters for diverse subject areas. However, it cannot be followed as a quality benchmark because of rather numerous quality discrepancies, which need to be improved.


  • Annie says:

    Why can`t I be eligible for rebates? And almost no promotion offers ā€“ it`s likely that they are short of cutting-edge marketing tools.

  • Randy says:

    I also wanted to select a writer, and I don`t like they secure for no such feature. Against the background of today`s robust development, it seems a throwback.

  • Jim says:

    Was thinking of any annoying things, and found none. Have been using their writing services for ages, and no claims. Probably, some minor things, but altogether it`s okay. My last paper was IT, and Iā€™m much bucked.

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