Pro-Essay-Writer Review


We are always attentive to the writing services that speak loud of their complete adherence to the client requirements. Because college instructions really matter, we test the study paper providers for being requirement-compliant as learned from poor experience with far too many services already.

Pro-Essay-Writer is one of those services to claim they are careful with every single request the client makes. In addition, they assure that their knowledge of college standards pertaining to each major country is excellent. Owing to them operating online and thus serving a variety of international students from all over the world, their writers` expertise in various college and university standards typical of specific localities should be one-of-a-kind.
This in mind, we are building our Pro-Essay-Writer review on a comprehensive analysis of the service`s ability to dig into the details of the client requests, as well as perform under the strict academic standards of specific colleges.

To best implement our idea, we made two different orders: an essay to be written from scratch and the proofreading of the research study completed already by an expert. Both were asked to be done in full accordance with the college requirements we were to provide to our performers.

As a matter of fact, Pro Essay Writer are known for their from-scratch writing, which feature is demonstrated by them extensively as a strong benefit. This considered, it was twice as curious if their performers would be able to write from zero, yet observe our instructions in full.

Both orders were finished as agreed, with no delays, which was attributed by us to the advantages of the service.
As regards the direct purpose of our Pro Essay Writer review – client instruction observance, – it was demonstrated excellently in proofreading: the research was edited well, and all the requirements we claimed as the ones imposed by our college and especially demanding professor (related to both the language and the research), were reproduced in the text.

Quite the opposite, the essay lacked many essential guidelines we wanted them to follow, which fact diminished its value.

We were offered a revision, to incorporate our amendments, but this was beyond our intention. Moreover, we traced some evidence of the copied content, so the essay cannot be regarded fully authentic.

A good thing worth being mentioned in our Pro Essay Writer review was a possibility to get our money back for the text not meeting our expectations – they replied positively, however, only following our inquiry of possible refund.

Speaking about the academic standards, both orders seemed to be appropriate, even though each had slight deviations, but those were not critical overall.

We will not either recommend the service or deter you from using it. They have their advantages as well as weaknesses. Their client support is knowledgeable enough, but they tend to drag out in processing orders. They deliver timely but are not too sharp to take notice of your instructions. The review has shown no special attention to details that they could be proud of. All in all, it is not a bad service, but apparently not the best one.


  • Anthony says:

    I used them to write my graduate paper, and they came out well. I don`t know actually about the college standards, but the fees are practical, and the quality as it is satisfied me

  • Barry says:

    My girlfriend found them for me when I suffered dreadful block caused by huge work and study overload. They saved me from killing myself, perhaps. Yes, they do have their drawbacks like slow feedback and quality gaps, but they helped me, and I`m grateful.

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