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If you hunt after 100% singularity and expertise, pimp my paper is the place you should head for – so is the service`s assurance, and we cannot disregard it having a strong intention to check if it is true or false.

The service is largely known for its proficient study writings offered to English-speaking students all over the globe. Users claim its writers can perform in the language typical of the country where the purchasing student studies. Thus, if you are Australian, you are likely to expect good Australian English, while Canadians are to be furnished with fluent Canadian writing.

We are neither Australian nor Canadian, yet this could not prevent us from ordering a Canadian English paper, in search of both the local standard compliance and excellent written language not offending the eyes of Canadian professors.

As the basis for our pimp my paper review, we chose to buy a thesis. We wanted a high-quality paper delivered within the agreed-upon timing or even earlier and having no indication of plagiarism or something. An excellent paper had to be completely edited and match the academic formats generally accepted in Canada. Of course, it had to be 100% singular and indicative of the strongest expertise. Our wish was to get such a spotless writing at very affordable rates and be supported by the service staff throughout the order completion process.

Bearing in mind the company`s scale, we were predicting a good ending for our affair. We started our pimp my paper review very positively, as we found our order estimate to be quite reasonable. We were offered no discounts, but the total undiscounted price was not distressing, and we ticked the pricing to be a benefit.

The timing we asked for our order completion was moderate, and so they delivered on schedule – neither earlier, no later. The delivery was also ticked a pro.

We can doubt the absolute conformity with the Canadian academic standards, though the English language was really Canadian.
We also liked the approach used by the writer, and the issues were covered competently. However, we can hardly talk about profound research in our case, which is actually an indispensable part of any academic writing. Still, the plagiarism-free test was passed winningly, and so we can prove the writings are provided singular rather than following a one-for-all concept.

Pimp my paper suggest selecting writers to one`s liking, yet we could not experience this practice in full, since our order was sort of specific, and only one or two writers could process it. Users are also provided with access to their writers during the process of completion, and we did contact ours from time to time, but it was rather done for curiosity than really had any sense. Still, the feature is engaging, and we rate it positively.

The service support was available, but we cannot distinguish it among the rest of the services: the staff is helpful and friendly, but we evidenced no particular enthusiasm that would bring us to say they do make difference.

In summary, the service is big and popular, and students like it and make regular orders internationally. But there is nothing special that would really differentiate it from other writing services in today`s market.


  • Amanda Peterson says:

    I was a lucky one to select a writer. This option is awesome, as you can decide if the person is a match for your particular order or not. I made a good choice, and the result was great.

  • Jeremy says:

    I don`t like them – too much fuss and no effect.

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