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The writing service is widely known to students world-round for its expert academic writings delivered in a wide range of university subjects and meeting the generally accepted academic standards. Among its gains students tend to mention the payment upon receipt of a finished paper, watching the writer is underway with the order fulfillment and very quick order completions. On top of it, a very convenient feature is the possibility to choose a writer right on the essay shark website: users scroll through a long list of nominees, learn the ratings and credentials and may request a particular author.

Because the service enjoys so immense public acceptance, we could not but come up with a holistic Essayshark review to cover its both good and bad points. Since we heard from quite a few people that the service is especially popular for its math papers – they are said to have true math experts on their payroll, then accordingly we decided to try them out and buy a math essay to be based on savvy math analysis.

Truth be told, we wanted to test the do-it-yourself with the writer`s selection and went studying the top writers` show. However, as we contacted the service upon selecting the appropriate one, we were kindly advised against on grounds that the writer in question was not available for the term we requested. Pretty obvious, we cannot provide for a 100% positive Essayshark review by default, after failing to test one of its most popular features.

At any rate, we proceeded with our order, with the writer assigned by the service at its discretion. We were pleased to get our finished essay right on the date we expected, and, like most services, Essayshark emailed us with our delivery, which is commonplace but nonetheless very engaging.

A number-two essay shark review task, after the writer`s selection, was to check the quality of math analysis. We were very demanding in our inspection, but, in the long run, the analysis impressed us: the work was done by an expert, all the critical aspects considered.

Yet, what we did not like about the essay was its negligent formalization: the paper was paged and formatted carelessly, and the proofreading was likely to be messy. Meanwhile, it is erroneous to think that math writings need no proper finalization.

Therefore, we sum up in the essay shark review that the service has proved to be an expert math writer, and the paper was custom-made, with no footprint of any plagiarism. But to make for accurate calculations is not enough for a top-quality writing: the guys should pay special attention to finalizing their papers and making them academic-like. We must admit this operational aspect a weakness so far. And, of course, the user`s failure to choose a writer cannot play into their hands. The service obviously needs further development.


  • Megan says:

    They strictly observe your confidentiality. You know, I thought all services do until I came across some, which actually conduced my disclosure, and I was next to expulsion. They don`t do like this, you are protected from disclosures.

  • Ryann says:

    I like their charges – they don`t beat my wallet, and I really adore their after-payments – you see at least what you pay for. Recommend.”
    Jennie S., New York (US): “Me personally was unlucky with a math term paper: it was complete frustration, and I found it a total failure. I think they don`t engage math pros – probably, too costly, who knows.

  • Martha says:

    A good value for money. A bit rough, but one can live with it.

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