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As one of the leaders in the essay writing market, essays24 is besieged by the audience in search of high-quality and fast-delivered writings in a big number of disciplines. Students from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK, US and other countries are said to contact this service every day. One of its incontestable benefits is unlimited revisions for free, as compared to many other services akin that typically provide for one or two at most. To the rest of its benefits, users usually attribute reliability and inclusiveness, genuine content and proper formatting, sociable service staff and easy-to-use website. Their on-time delivery statistics is believed to be close to 100%, and users are said to demonstrate a high loyalty level.

Having studied this service for the purpose of our essays 24 review, we have learnt that they engage only professional writers degreed a Master or a PhD and work in all formats available. To retain customers, they offer a plagiarism-free check, and to prove the service proficiency, they ensure thorough topic research.

These and other services offered by this provider motivated us to make an exhaustive essays24 review where we would see a true picture of the service`s performance, as exemplified by the writing most ordered from them by the users.

The most ordered paper type came out to be a research paper, and we chose to have the one in Chemistry. Our schedule was time-pressed, and they took the order immediately following the receipt of our paper instructions. We have to say a couple of words about the customer support, and those words will be positive: the service staff are really sociable, quick and helpful.

We asked for a UK style paper, as formatted according to the Harvard guidelines. We were happy to get the bibliography and title pages free of charge. And we were twice as happy to get our paper even a day earlier, despite our time-pressing frames.

The essays 24 seemed to cover the chemistry topic we asked for, and the research was smart enough, as supported by sufficient scientific evidence. The writing passed a plagiarism-free check positively, and so we could agree with the service users on original content. However, on revising, it proved to be a poor Harvard format, and the language was far from British. As such, the general finalization failed, even though the research was good enough.

Since we write an essays 24 review to introduce both strengths and weaknesses to the public, we have to be honest and write the facts. And the facts are transparent. It is easy to calculate the order estimate on the website, with no hidden charges. But the total amount frequently seems heavy on the pocket, so the service probably needs revising its tariffs.

They announce to be able to work with whatever formats, but the reality showed complete embarrassment. Their language is promised to match the country where the customer comes from, but the truth is that our British paper was likely to be written by a US native. Given these and other cons, we cannot recognize this service to be a leader, in neither quality nor money.

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  • Aileen says:

    I can say my opinion is somewhat diluted: they bedazzled me in places, but some of their features embarrassed me. Their blistering delivery was really impressive, but they kind of forgot to proofread my essay. Their offer to revise for free sounded engaging, but the need to wait for a week or so didn`t work out. Well, I don`t know whether I like them or not. Probably, will try them once again – kind of second chance.

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