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The website is an agency for custom writings known for its high quality and competent customer support. The service promises a simple order procedure and easy tracking of order progress. A number of free options – like an outline, a title page, a revision and a plagiarism test – turn the agency into an attraction. Since students look for more and more intricate papers now, the demand for special writings is ever increasing. This agency is said to cater for any customer needs and provides, among other, multiple choice questions, speeches, article critique, short answer questions, scholarship essays and even poems. To catch with the most of the demand, their writers are declared to meet the tightest delivery dates.

We did make sure that the agency was big enough to serve that many students. What we liked about them was their purportedly international team: their writers were said to come from all English-speaking countries like Australia, Canada, US or UK, which made it possible to write a top-rate language despite wherever their customers were from.

The total of favors, along with a money-back guarantee, confidentiality and 24/7 support, inspired us to make an Essaylab review ordering a comparative essay.

Those who have ever made a comparative essay or report know the bottlenecks – when a seemingly simple writing actually hides such pitfalls as savvy benchmark analysis or truly forcible arguments, say nothing of the entire superiority as seen in the language and well-selected terminology, finished with the appropriate formatting.

All of the above, including the delivery timing and prices, was targeted in our pursuit to provide for a comprehensive Essaylab review.

From the very beginning, we were taken aback as they told us they would not be able to accept our order to be processed within the requested terms unless we would agree to prolong the dates. We agreed, and eventually we received our paper within the dates negotiated, yet this fact was preceded by quite a few attempts to reach out the service on the phone or online – by trial and error, we concluded that the agency was especially tough to reach at nighttime and during peak hours.

The essay met our requirements and looked 100% individualized; no plagiarism was detected, which was a good sign. Though, the comparative analysis itself was incomplete and definitely lacked a few perspectives. The concluding part was scanty and did not summarize the entire topic. To add to our disappointment, the essay was unduly formatted, which made us contact our writer again and ask for a free revision.

If come to a sound conclusion, you should be ready that Essay lab cannot really solve all your problems, and it is not wise to rely on them fully, unless you wish to put your life blindly in their hands and play an all-or-nothing game. If be fair, the agency is a nice assistant as far as it goes about really customized and genuine papers – this is a true value, which needs to be appreciated high. We also noted the prices as practical, the delivery timing as adequate and the confidentiality level as high. However, we rated low their 24/7 support – which in fact turned to be only half-24/7. The comparative analysis underlying our essay was neutral, which means neither satisfactory nor poor. The formatting disappointed us. Given the above, the service has its strong points, yet they are symmetrized with serious weaknesses.

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  • Jerry says:

    They did a good job for me when I ordered my admission essay. I could track the progress and see if I was in time with the entry period.

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